HH Installation in the Church Of God Of Prophecy - Wolverhampton

With congregations regularly running into the hundreds their existing PA system was under performing and it was time for something more suitable.

Since HH had already done an install at another COGOP in Birmingham we were asked to visit the Wolverhampton branch and suggest what would best fit the space.


After a brief consultation period is was decided that a TESSEN rig would best suit the space combined with a number of additional TMP cabinets to help spread the sound around the venue.

The considerations were for a evenly balanced sound throughout the venue so the congregation could hear everything that was going on during the service and that the musicians on stage which consists of a 30 strong choir, guitar, Bass, Drums and Keyboards and solo singers had adequate onstage monitoring to allow them to hear themselves over the choir.

COGOP Main area.JPG


FOH consists of a TNS-118A and a TNE-115A on each side of the stage with the TNE’s placed on Pole stands to give them the height to throw to the back of the room and also to minimise their visual impact on the activities on stage during services.



In order to get an even spread throughout the venue 4 TMP108A’s were wall-mounted at spaced intervals around the venue.

TMP108A's infills COGOP.JPG

The end result is a spread and balance of sound which incredibly consistent in every part of the main room, and within the overspill area when the doors are opened at the back to the room. This means that no matter where you positioned yourself within the room the sound you heard was exactly the same, and at the same volumes, making it possible for all to hear without a select few in the front seats getting overwhelmed by the FOH speakers and the people at the back of the room finding it difficult to hear anything with any clarity.

on stage monitoring

In order to address the musicians monitoring requirements on stage 6 VRM-110 were installed – and powered by Scalar SR900 power amps.

VRM-110 Montiors COGOP.JPG

SR900 Monitors COGOP.JPG

The VRM-110’s are run on a couple of differing monitor mixes depending on what the requirements are for a particular service.


in conclusion

The final words can come for Louis Williams Music Director and Youth Support Worker COGOP Gloucester St.

“When we were looking to upgrade our PA system, we had several companies demonstrate their solutions. We made the decision to use HH Electronics. We were impressed with their professionalism, product knowledge and the build quality. The overall sound was second to none, and our system is now used as a flag ship in our national organisation in the UK.”