Lyric’s dealer, 71 AUDIOHAUS & ELECTRONICS SERVICES based in La Paz, ILO-ILO City, completed the install at the REDEMPTORIST CHURCH,
ILO-ILO only weeks after Lyric received their first shipment of HH last month.

Saint Clements Church 1.jpeg


The HH Products used in the Installation comprised of the following:

8 x TENSOR TRE108 – 8” Full Range Passive Enclosures.

8 x TENSOR TRE 108A. – 8” Full Range Active Enclosures.

1 x RED12A New Full Range Active Enclosure used as a monitor.

2 x SR900 Power Amplifiers

Saint Clements Church 2.jpg

Saint Clements Church 3.jpg

Saint Clements Church 4.jpg

By all accounts, everyone at the REDEMPTORIST CHURCH commonly called SAINT CLEMENT’S CHURCH and the staff at 71 Audiohaus who did the install, are extremely happy with their new system.

A big thanks the CJ and his team at Lyric for the support given to Mr Banjo Yap 71 Audiohaus’s owner in this their first project.