HH Acoustics

The HH Acoustics Division undertakes all aspect of the Research and Development involved in designing the drivers used in HH products. It is important to us that we continue to develop our existing expertise and heritage in these areas.

Why is it important to design our own drivers?

Designing our own drivers allows us to get the optimum performance out of all of our products through the use of drivers designed from the ground up with a specific application in mind, and not simply buying one “off the shelf” which is very common. By designing our own drivers we can significantly improve the overall systems performance and this is of paramount importance to us.

At HH Acoustics we feel there is a need for continued education with reference to drivers etc as drivers, their construction and performance are continually misunderstood.

It is HH Acoustics aim to disseminate insightful and beneficial information wherever possible on areas, which we feel, will be of interest to PA users. As a result we will make interesting articles available at regular intervals.