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HH speakers are designed by our own Engineers in the UK, drawing on decades of design & manufacturing experience.


PA woofers

Many aspects must be considered in PA woofer design: Is it for a sub or a front-of-house cab? If front-of-house, what compression driver will it be used with? What size and type of cabinet must it suit? How many drivers will be in the cab?


Tessen Range Speakers

All Tessen systems have cast frame, designed-for-purpose woofers with highly efficient ribbon wire coils, massive magnet structures and glass-fibre reinforced felted cones with long excursion surrounds.



The corners used for Studio and Queensberry combos are a good example of how we approach design.


A monitor wedge has a specific task; providing clear sonic detail to performers so they can play in time and in tune with each other.

Passive Front of house

Designed using our ‘Total System Design’ approach every aspect of our passive PA is carefully considered with regards to how the cabs are used

Passive Subwoofers

High spec subwoofer drivers, featuring ribbon wire coils and Kevlar or fibreglass cone reinforcement (depending on range) provide deep but natural and musical bass extension.