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    MZ Series

    Best In Class, High-performance, professional install zone amplifiers, pre-amplifier, and wall controllers for commercial system integrators. Powered by ORiGiN 

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    Tessen Line Array Series

    Compact, professional audio performance for versatile applications with customisable configurations

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    Tensor Series

    Portable active PA speakers, designed to deliver great performance and flexibility in a variety of settings

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    Tessen Install Series

    The ultimate audio solution for installation projects. Combining compact design and flexible mounting options with exceptional performance

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    Vector Series

    Versatile Active Full Range Speakers and Portable PA Systems perfect for any event

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    M Series

    Designed for demanding applications, these high-power 2U rack amplifiers guarantee maximum performance

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    SP Series

    These powerful, versatile, easy-to-use speaker management systems deliver unparalleled performance and flexibility 



Founded in 1968, HH was one of the founding innovators of amplifier and loudspeaker technology for modern professional audio. Today, HH's range of live sound and audio installation products is highly respected and sold globally. The HH Electronics brand has been 100% owned by the Headstock Group since 1989. HH product design and global marketing is managed from Headstock HQ in Halesowen UK, with sales in over 60 countries.

A Brief History of Sound

Britain, 1968 

While television and live music events were rapidly expanding in scale and investment, professional audio technology was still way behind the times. An electronic engineer named Mike Harrison identified this gap in the market and utilised his skills to develop solid state power amplifier designs for professional applications. 

“Harrison established the HH Electronics factory on the outskirts of Cambridge, UK.” 

This small, unknown company sold their famous ‘TPA Series’ amplifier to nearly every TV studio in Britain, in addition to some good recording studios and numerous industrial users. Harrison’s next step however was even more audacious: The world’s biggest and most respected broadcasting company, the BBC, had published stringent specifications for a new amplifier. HH Electronics took up the challenge and eighteen months later finally won this prestigious and coveted contract with their AM8/12 amplifier. 

“ Thousands were sold to the BBC and almost every other major broadcasting corporation throughout the world. “ 

HH were hungry for growth and identified that the live performance market could provide this opportunity. At that time the booming Hi-Fi market was already well established, fickle, and flooded, but the field of live music held much greater possibilities for innovation. Pop fans of the early 70s had become accustomed to proper studio sound but heard their live concerts through amplifiers and loudspeakers which were basically no better than railway station public address sets. These were vast, heavy, unreliable, and so outdated that man had set foot on the moon before the music industry had caught on to the miracles of solid-state electronics! 

HH decided to start from a clean drawing board; to design high-performance solid-state instrument amplifiers and PA systems that were portable, reliable and capable of withstanding life on the road. Musicians and sound engineers soon recognised HH as a company that set new standards for their market as their range of products grew to create light, low-cost, expandable systems that were every bit as good as the tailor-made rigs previously only available to superstars. 

”HH advanced its product offering further to produce some of the most highly desirable sound equipment on the planet.” 

HH soon had a list of high-profile artists on their roster, such as T-REX, Pink Floyd, The Sweet, 10CC and many more... 

”HH innovation was widely recognised for its use of MOS FET technology making it a leader in high-grade power amplifier design.” 

HH developed a wide variety of professional products for broadcast, recording and live performance, but also built its own speaker components such as the famous CD400 compression driver. 

In 1989, HH was acquired by Headstock Group, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and distributors of Music Industry products and owner of the iconic Laney Amplification brand. The merger of HH with Headstock Group provided extra investment, engineering, and design resources to HH. From its new home near Birmingham, in the centre of the UK, HH found strong success with both HH loudspeaker components and a new wave of HH professional audio product innovations. 

Following strong growth, Headstock Group relocated to its new headquarters in Halesowen, UK in 2005. This UK facility is the home of the HH Product Development team where all product design work is undertaken. 

Designed and Engineered with Head & Heart

Each product created meets the highest standards of specification, quality and reliability supported with rigorous product testing before reaching the market. 

The HH product development team works to a straightforward design philosophy that we call ‘Head and Heart’: ‘Head’ is technical specifications, engineering solutions, manufacturing techniques and competitive pricing. ‘Heart’ is passion for our industry, desire to make compelling products, and enthusiasm as experienced product users. Creating a harmony of ‘Head’ and ‘Heart’ elements is what makes HH special. 

All products are designed and engineered by the HH UK engineering team. This team is organised into the following sections: Electronics, Acoustics, Mechanical, Digital, Compliance, and Quality Assurance. Together these teams ensure that each product created meets the highest standards of specification, quality and reliability supported with rigorous product testing before reaching the market. 

We use a broad range of specialised equipment and facilities to conduct tests. For example, anechoic chambers to measure frequency response, sensitivity and directional characteristics, giving a detailed understanding of performance in a variety of acoustic environments; Power testing to ensure that products can deliver the power levels they claim in accordance with AES (Audio Engineering Society) specifications; Life testing to simulate years of use to confirm that each product can stand up to the demands of professional use; EMC testing to meet stringent regulatory compliance requirements. 

Robust quality control (QC) processes ensure that every product that leaves one of our factories meets our high standards for performance and reliability. 

We place great emphasis on quality assurance (QA) throughout the entire production process. All materials and components are carefully tested and verified before they are used ensuring that they meet strict quality standards. Our HH loudspeakers undergo extensive production tests and controls to ensure that they deliver the highest possible audio performance. All production is underpinned with robust quality control (QC) processes to ensure that every product that leaves any one of our factories meets our high standards for performance and reliability. 

“HH business culture is one that sets high performance standards every day but measures true performance in decades.” 

The HH business culture is one that sets high performance standards every day but measures true performance in decades. We form long- standing business partnerships, hold an exceptional staff- retention record and value each team member and brand representative as a part of the extended Company family.