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HH Audio TNA Line Array is Natural Fit for Ai Pub

Sounin Development Group supplies HH Audio system for new Phnom Penh venue…

The latest addition to Phnom Penh’s bustling nightlife comes in the shape of the recently opened Ai Pub. As well as offering a rich variety of food and drink, the 700-capacity venue, located in the Boeung Kak district of the Cambodian capital, stages a wide range of live entertainment and has become an instant feature of the party scene. Live bands, DJ sets and promotional nights cater for birthday and works parties, corporate entertaining and casual get togethers with friends, in this unique, beautifully designed 875m² open space, complete with sliding roof and giant air-cooling fan.
Given the emphasis placed on non-stop music and dancing, as well as the high-profile artists, DJs and brands on show, the team at Ai paid careful attention to the selection of an audio system that could comfortably meet the requirements of a very busy and vibrant environment. The venue’s focus is very much directed towards its stage and the team wanted to install a competitively priced, compact, audio system that could be ground-stacked or flown to deliver powerful SPL. 
Ai consulted with leading Cambodian AV supplier Sounin Development GP Co Ltd, who recommended a TNA a line array system by HH Audio - a brand already under consideration by the venue team.
Perfect for medium sized venues like the Ai Pub, the TNA offers a compact, active package that is easy to set up and packs a powerful punch that belies its size. The system is based around the TNA-2120SA, a multi-channel active subwoofer with integrated Class D amplifier which features two high power 12” low frequency woofers with exceptionally high output, and the TNA-1800SA, a powerful single 18” active low frequency subwoofer.
With three channels of high performance amplification, the TNA-2120SA houses six cutting edge built-in DSP presets and as part of a modular system can power up to six satellite TNA-2051 passive, two-way compact line array loudspeakers, offering an ideal solution that does away with the extra expense of rack amplifiers and processors.

Engineer Sounin Chann comments:
“We recommended an HH TNA line array system which is ideal for this kind of installation. It delivers very punchy high quality audio from compact loudspeakers, easily handling the demands of what is a very varied programme. It’s incredible value for money, too. Often people think that a line array system will be outside their budget, but the TNA proves that this doesn’t have to be the case. The client didn’t hesitate to go with our recommendation and is very happy with the system, which sounds superb.”
At the Ai Pub Sounin Development installed an HH TNA Line array system comprising 1 x TNA-2120SA (2 x 12”) active subwoofer and 6 x TNA-2051 (2 x 5”) passive loudspeakers per side, supplemented by 4 x TNA-1800SA (single 18”) active subwoofers as fills. Stage monitoring is taken care of by 2 x HH TRM-1201 compact active monitors. An HH M-750D (2 x 750W) amplifier drives a further 6 generic fills, with the whole system controlled by a fully featured HH SP48 (4-IN/8-OUT) digital speaker management system. The SP48 contains expertly created presets for use with the TNA line array, enabling easy set up straight out of the box.
Ian Wright, Global Sales Director for HH Audio adds:
“Sounin Development continues to install HH Audio systems to great effect in a wide range of settings. The Ai pub has been an instant hit in Phnom Penh, hosting a number of high profile appearances by leading DJs and bands. We’re proud to see the TNA line array at the centre of this unique and eye-catching venue.”