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UK-based HH Electronics has announced the launch of TNi WPRO Installation Loudspeakers. There are two versions available - the 12-inch TNi-W12PRO and 8-inch TNi-W8PRO. Suitable for a wide range of small to medium sized applications, both models are available in black or white, and have rotatable waveguides for vertical or horizontal dispersion with 90° x 60° coverage, to enable precise control of sound field.

The TNi-W12PRO features a 12-inch high power HH low frequency driver with 2.5-inch voice coil, and a 1.4-inch Celestion CDX1-1445 high frequency driver, while its smaller counterpart features an 8-inch high power HH low frequency driver with 2-inch voice coil, and a 1-inch Celestion CDX1-1070 high frequency driver.

TNi-WPRO are all-wood enclosures with a hard-wearing finish that offer versatile input connection options via either M4 barrier strip or Euroblock. Mounting options include 7 x M10 Penn-Elcom fly points, and 4 M8 mounting points for optional TNI-BRK30 mounting bracket.

Bars, clubs, houses of worship, ballrooms, conference halls, education settings and live music reinforcement can all benefit from these robust, powerful, flexible and competitively-priced UK designs.