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HH serves the community at Onehunga High School

New Zealand - Onehunga High School is a state co-educational secondary school serving one of the oldest suburbs in Auckland, New Zealand. Overlooking the Manukau Harbour, it was established on its Pleasant Street site in 1959 and enjoys a strong sense of tradition and continuity. As well as providing a wide-ranging curriculum for its students, the school also provides lifelong learning for the local community through its Adult Learning Centre and English Language School.

A significant redevelopment of the school was completed early in 2022 at a cost of approximately $30m, which saw the creation of a number of cutting-edge facilities. Two state-of-the-art teaching facilities were constructed, one of which houses a two-basketball-court gymnasium with exercise room, locker rooms and teaching spaces, the other, a technical block catering to the sciences, woodwork, metalwork, art, food technology and nutrition. Two commercial-grade kitchens and an atrium space completed this building.
An essential element of the new facilities was provision for a flexible, high quality audio system which could deliver clear powerful sound and excellent coverage.

ITL Technologies of Auckland was awarded the AV contract and chose loudspeakers from UK-based HH Electronics. A combination of ceiling and wall-mounted speakers were installed to provide a competitively priced solution.
For teaching areas with suspended ceilings ITL installed HH TNi-C4 ceiling speakers. The TNi-C4 is a passive 4” coaxial speaker with a fully enclosed back and ported enclosure to extend low frequency response. A six position power tap selector located under the front steel grille allows swift output adjustment once installed. With connectivity for 70V/100V and 8 ohm low impedance lines, the TNi-C4 delivers a highly flexible solution.

In areas where suspended ceilings were not present, audio continuity was maintained with the versatile HH TNi-W4 passive 4” wall-mounted unit. The TNi-W4 delivers professional audio output within a compact enclosure and features 4 power tappings ranging from 1.5W - 30W and can be connected to 70V/ 100V lines. With a wide array of connections within a single unit, the TNi-W4’s multi-angled mounting bracket ensured quick and simple installation.

A total of 97 HH loudspeakers were installed at the school. The gym block saw 19 units installed across 10 spaces, whilst in the technical block, 63 units were deployed across 20 teaching spaces. A further 15 units covered 6 spaces in ancillary areas. Onehunga High School now enjoys audio to match its twenty-first century facilities.

Ian Wright, global sales director at HH Electronics, comments: “The provision of excellent audio in education settings is an absolute essential for the successful delivery of a modern teaching and learning environment. We’re very proud that a significant number of HH speakers were installed at Onehunga High School for a solution that met the qualitative and budgetary requirements of its brand new, cutting-edge facilities. Thank you to our NZ distribution partner NSL and ITL technologies for choosing HH to be a part of this impressive project.”