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Support / MZ-280Q

MZ Series


The MZ-280Q features four individual 280 Watt RMS Class D power amplifiers, each configurable to run 70/100 Volt or at minimum 4 Ohm impedance. Each amplifier powers a zone, which all have front panel controls for volume, two band eq and source select, found on the front panel. There are five flexible input channels, each with a front panel mounted gain trim control. Dual combi microphone inputs allow two individual mics to be connected simultaneously both with auto or manual priority modes. Built in a full size 1U rack case, the unit is extremely robust with easily operable controls. Front 'scribble' strips allow the installer to easily identify each zone and input identification. The perfect installation amplifier for retail, leisure, café, bars and halls.

  • 4 Zone amplifier
  • 4x 280 Watts RMS power output
  • Supports 70/100V or min 4 Ohm impedance speaker outputs (configurable per zone)
  • 5 comprehensive audio input channels
  • Independent bass and treble EQ adjustment on each zone
  • Compact space saving 1U design (rack mountable)
  • Universal ~100-240V worldwide operation
  • Remote volume control capability using HH MZ-C2 module and standard ethernet cable

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