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Our Tessen Install range, which includes wall and ceiling speakers, blends seamlessly into your decor, ensuring exceptional audio without compromising aesthetics. 

With the MZ-Series zone amplifiers, preamp, and wall controllers, you can finely tune the sound across different areas, catering to a range of dining spaces and customer preferences. Our carefully crafted audio solutions ensure that every guest enjoys an immersive and delightful dining experience. Our innovative technology ensures that the audio experience remains seamless and hassle-free, leaving your team free to attend to the needs of your valued guests.

Case Studies

G Restuarant - Indonesia

G Restuarant - Indonesia

Tensor TRE/ TRS

Live Music System

White - Upscale Dining and Entertainment Hotspot

Premium lifestyle lounge, White – Campus Square uses HH Electronics, TNi W-PRO and Tensor Subwoofers to create an immersive atmosphere.

Della Fame

Della Fame opened its first restaurant in Turkey in Ataşehir, Istanbul. Della Fame, part of The Hunger, offers a wide range of Italian and international cuisine for all tastes.