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Touring and Concerts

Our Tessen Line Array is the powerhouse of live sound reinforcement, designed to deliver massive and precise audio projection for large-scale concerts and touring events.

Our Tensor Stage Monitors deliver pristine sound reproduction. With detailed and accurate audio, the Tensor Stage Monitors keep artists connected to the music and in tune with their audience's energy. 

Tensor Subwoofers, provide ground-shaking bass impact that ignites the crowd. These powerful subwoofers add depth and intensity to your sound, ensuring your music reverberates through the hearts of every fan.

Our Tensor Active Speakers are the go-to choice for touring artists who need versatile and reliable audio solutions. From main stage sound reinforcement to intimate acoustic sets, Tensor Active Speakers deliver consistent and exceptional sound quality throughout the tour.

For mobile performances and smaller gigs, our Vector Series speakers offer a portable and budget friendly option without compromising on sound quality. These compact speakers ensure you can take your music to any venue or event, always leaving a lasting impression.